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Article: Our Story

Our Story

The creation of Idaho Livin is rooted in a desire for something more. Jonas, one of our co-founders, started working at the Twin Falls Visitor Center during his senior year of high school, providing information to visitors. Looking for additional ways to make money, he decided to buy a heat press and sell Idaho shirts to tourists.

A few months later, the path of totality from the solar eclipse passed through Idaho. Jonas seized the opportunity and created a design featuring an outline of Idaho with the words "Totality Awesome." The overwhelming response to these shirts from both tourists and locals enabled him to afford a nicer printing press. This success inspired him to continue creating Idaho-themed shirts and hoodies, eventually leading to the creation of the LIVIN logo.

Initially, Jonas sold the Livin logo on shirts and hoodies at the visitor center and through his mom's Facebook page, as he wasn't old enough to sell on e-commerce platforms. As the logo gained traction, Jonas brought on Jackson, and together they began selling at small farmers' markets and trade shows, laying the foundation for what would become Idaho Livin. To protect their growing brand, Jackson trademarked the logo. The logo, a clever play on the word "Livin" with the "L" replaced by the state of Idaho, captured the essence of what it means to live fully and authentically in Idaho.

A turning point came in July 2018 when they attended the Sawtooth Festival in Stanley, Idaho, selling Idaho shirts and hoodies. Despite their not-so-aesthetically-pleasing setup, with a simple booth and minimal products, the festival was a success. The scenic beauty of Stanley and the festive atmosphere drew a large crowd, providing the perfect backdrop for showcasing their products. Many festival-goers were instantly drawn to the LIVIN logo, appreciating its clever design and the message it conveyed. Conversations with customers revealed a deep connection to the logo’s representation of living fully and authentically in Idaho. This experience not only boosted their confidence but also provided valuable insights into their target market, inspiring them to continue refining and expanding their brand.

Like any entrepreneurial journey, the early days were filled with challenges. Being young and inexperienced, Jonas and Jackson faced numerous obstacles, from logistical issues to business decisions that required a level of maturity they were still developing. However, each challenge became a stepping stone, teaching them valuable lessons in humility and resilience. These experiences shaped them into better individuals and more mature business owners.

Idaho Livin began to offer a broader range of products, expanding beyond t-shirts and hoodies to include a variety of new items such as Idaho hats, tank tops, crewnecks, stickers, beanies, kids' shirts, hoodies, and more. Over the years, as they continued selling their Idaho apparel, they noticed that their loyal customers, already proud owners of Livin logo t-shirts and hoodies, were eager for something fresh and new. This demand inspired them to diversify their product line further and introduce innovative designs that their customers hadn't seen before. This insight led to the concept of design drops, where they release new collections inspired by well-known places and activities around Idaho. One of their latest designs draws inspiration from the majestic Sawtooth Mountains, a place that represents the tranquility and natural beauty of the Northwest. These design drops allow them to continually offer their customers new and exciting Idaho apparel, ensuring that there is always something fresh and appealing for everyone.

In 2022, Idaho Livin opened a temporary retail store in the Warehouse Food Hall in downtown Boise. From July to December, they juggled running the store, attending events, and fulfilling custom apparel orders. Despite the intense workload, this period was pivotal in demonstrating the brand's potential. In November 2022, they began planning for a permanent store in the Food Hall, and on May 20, 2023, the doors to their new store officially opened. With the opening of the permanent store, Idaho Livin began employing students from Boise State, providing them with valuable work experience and further integrating into the local community. The community's response was overwhelmingly positive, affirming that Idaho Livin had created something truly special.

Through running Idaho Livin, Jonas and Jackson have had the pleasure of meeting incredible people whose stories have deeply touched them. One story that stands out involves a customer named Anais, who visited the store and shared her remarkable journey. After waking up from a coma due to a sudden health issue, she realized the fragility of life and decided to live each day with intention and purpose. Defying doctors' expectations, she was walking within three months and traveling across the United States. Her story left a lasting impression on Jonas, highlighting the deep and personal significance that the LIVIN logo can have for people.

For Jackson and Jonas, success is not solely measured by business metrics but by a sense of fulfillment. Overcoming challenges and emerging stronger on the other side is a deeply gratifying experience. Their vision of success is intertwined with personal growth and maintaining the end goal of balancing business achievements with personal freedom.

Looking ahead, Jackson and Jonas aspire to make Idaho Livin the definitive brand that represents Idaho. They aim to inspire others to work hard, do what they love, and live the life they desire. Exciting projects and new design drops are always on the horizon, reflecting the dynamic and evolving nature of the brand. The journey of building Idaho Livin has been transformative for both Jackson and Jonas. They have grown personally and professionally, learning the importance of vulnerability and adopting a mindset of being lifelong students. The challenges they faced have instilled a profound sense of resilience and adaptability.