Elk Heavyweight Hoodie


Designed to showcase the beauty of these incredible creatures, this Hoodie brings to life a real Idaho shot elk. This bull was harvested in 2018 by one of the founders of the company and was then turned into this design to capture the essence of our local wildlife.

Handcrafted from premium ring spun cotton 3-end fleece our heavyweight hoodies are of top notch quality. 

Sizing Tip: These hoodies are comprised of 70% cotton, which will cause them to shrink in the dryer. If you or whoever is receiving this hoodie is not planning on air drying them, we recommend sizing up. 

Care Tip: To maintain the original size and feel, we recommend air drying or using a low tumble dry setting.

  • 10 oz, 70/30 cotton/polyester blend 3-end fleece
  • Fleece lined hood

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